Added 10GB to chicago!

We are now offering 10GB uplink in our Chicago location. These are limited and will sell out. Reserve yours now!

28th Jun 2018
More services!

We are now offering Linux servers !! Order now and lock down your server!

28th Mar 2018
New payment method!

We are now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Under "Bitcoin" at checkout!

4th Dec 2017
Some updates to our services offered.

Welcoming the new year we are expanding more and more. With over 11 datacenters you do not have to go anywhere else! Thanks for all the support for the last 3 years, we intend to keep on growing. Below are a few things we added.We have now added the option to choose your operating system. You can choose this before you checkout.We have also ... Read More »

13th Feb 2017
Ya'll want more cores? We got em.

We are now offering more cores on plans Business or higher (8gb min.) You can add this at checkout and get up 56 CPU Cores!


- Sneaker Server

14th May 2016
Quarterly Update!

Hey guys most of our datacenters now support 10gb ports. We have added the option to the server order form, it will be 50$ a month per any plan and only available on the USA nodes. Current customers will have to reorder to get this as this is not an upgrade but a whole new racks of servers.We are expanding our europe base as well.All of our ... Read More »

13th Apr 2016
New Location added!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Europe servers with the same specs as USA! Place your orders :)

2nd Mar 2016
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18th Feb 2016
New Plans added!

We have added a number of new plans as we received alot of requests for customs, so we have decided to add them to the list!

13th Jan 2016
Happy New Years!

We have the best servers available on the market!. We have plenty of stock and can do custom orders if you desire! Join our affliate program to earn some cash towards your own server! Happy New Years!

4th Jan 2016